Heartland Fellowship desires to be a caring and accepting family of God.

We are people who need to receive and extend care for one another. We desire to be accepting, hospitable, and we practice Jesus grace and forgiveness while we live as the family of God.

We hope that when people meet us they feel accepted just as they are. We want to invite people into our homes and lives. Many people in Chilliwack believe in God and have church experience, but some of them have accumulated church hurt. We want to live in a way that they feel accepted. We hope they will give gathering with the church another try.

We understand this is how Jesus lived. He worked within the kingdom of God and he was able to balance being a person who was forgiving and graceful, while he also lived and taught truth.

We don’t pretend to be without fault, we admit we are broken, yet we love others with the love Jesus gave us. We understand that we are a family and the Heartland family desires that people come to God and when they do, they will be accepted and cared for.