We’re glad you’ve stopped by the Heartland website, and we hope you’ve had a chance to join us on a Sunday. We are young and old. Heartland is unique in that it is not what you would think church is like. We meet in a gym — and like it. Our faith is more about how we live our lives than where we meet on Sundays.

Heartland Goes 7 Days A Week, 24 Hours A Day.

We say Heartland is a 24/7 church because our focus isn’t just on a once a week gathering that has come to be known as “church.” Of course, Heartland is a church, but that doesn’t just happen on Sundays. As followers of Jesus, we believe that our faith is something that should influence every aspect of our lives. Jesus has called us to be his representatives in this world – bringing hope and healing to the people around us.

Instead of thinking of Heartland as something you go to or attend, we invite you to think of Heartland as a lifestyle that you can be part of.

Everyone Is Welcome

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome among us; you can be part of the Heartland community. There are many people that are part of Heartland who have faith questions and don’t have it all figured out. Everyone is welcome! If you would like to find out how to become a member you may do so at our “How To Become A Member” page.

More than anything, we want to help you get involved within Heartland. Get behind a cause, listen to our teachings, and meet more people at our Sunday gatherings. Don’t be satisfied with standing on the outside – come on in! By getting involved, you’ll grow in your faith and develop meaningful relationships.