Heartland Fellowship encourages personal responsibility to live mission driven lives.

We don’t go to church, we are the church. In scriptures we do not see that people “went to church” rather we see that the church gathered together. Heartland Fellowship gathers each Sunday and in smaller groups in various places, but primarily we will be defined by who we are as people. This has a significant impact on how we live. At Heartland we also understand that we don’t go to a place (church building) to do ministry or participate in programs, but we do ministry wherever we are (in Chilliwack, family, friends etc.) This means that each of us have personal responsibility to live missionally. It’s easier to go to a church building to “do ministry”, but we are trying to reclaim the idea that we are all missionaries everywhere we already are. Each of us will take up our personal responsibility to grow in faith and to live out God’s mission within His Kingdom.

We are missionaries in our families, neighborhoods, and abroad having a burden to bring healing to our broken world.