Our Staff

Pastor Jeff


Tanya Haan

Office Administrator

Joe and Alicia Timmermans

Youth Leaders

Pastor Jeff was the kid who once pulled a fire alarm in a crowded wedding reception hall “because it looked like nothing would happen”. Now that some say he’s grown up, Pastor Jeff still has a desire to ask practical questions like “Why do we do this” and “What does it look like to actually follow Jesus” and “How would the little children who once gathered around Jesus be blessed by the way we “do church” today?” His biggest desire is for people to hear the truth about our Amazing, Gracious and Good God! Pastor Jeff has 4 children, Rebecca, Rachel, Christopher and Eden with his wonderful and talented wife Irene.

Office Administrator- Coach Tanya Haan has traded in her basketball to help out in the office. She helps keeps the office work organized and a great deal of the official “Heartland” paperwork goes through her hands these days. Tanya volunteers her time to help keep the ball rolling at Heartland. She is married to a gifted “future” speaker Chris and they have two cute children together: Ryker and Taylor.

Youth Leaders-Joe and Alicia Timmermans: If you look up to the top of Mount Cheam or over to the shores of Lindeman lake, guess what: Joe and Alicia have already been there with the Heartland Youth group. This active couple has chosen to share their gifts (also for free) with your High-School youth even while they shepherd their own busy family made up of Liam, Ruby and Arie.

You- Heartland does not hope to hire more staff in the future into specialized ministries. We believe the best way to follow Christ is to join in his mission in daily ways. We’re trying to keep it simple, real, and authentic. Sometimes that makes it a bit messy, but there’s always space for you to join in!