Heartland church gathers on Sunday mornings. It also gathers during the week in small groups of people which meet in people’s homes. It’s the small groups where service, prayer, study and to support each other. In other words, small groups is where all the stuff happens and it is the place where Heartland wants each member to be a part of to learn, support and grow.

Heartland is looking for people who are interested in leading a small group

Steps To Volunteering

We ask that our volunteers are members of Heartland Fellowship or in the process of becoming members.

1. Observe

Be a part of a small group already. Learn from the current leader and offer help and support so that you can learn as much as you can. Come to leader support and training events to see if it is something for you.

2. Contact

Contact the church office and indicate that you would like to explore becoming a small group leader and that your would like to meet with the small group team leader to discuss to discuss next steps. Put “Small Group Leader Info Needed” in the subject line. Contact here ..