Do you like to take to take pictures, mess around with Photoshop, Dreamweaver and maybe even flash or HTML5? Do you have a bit of creative side? Have you used Mediashout or Powerpoint before? And are you interested in using your skills to help serve Heartland and make a difference?

Heartland is looking for people who answer yes to some of those questions to help create digital media for print or the web. We are also looking for volunteers to help on Sunday morning during worship to operate Powerpoint.

Steps To Volunteering

We ask that our volunteers are members of Heartland Fellowship or in the process of becoming members.

1. Observe

Come early on Sunday morning and observe the setup and Powerpoint process. 9:15am will be early enough. Help out and see if it is for you. Or check out this website or heartland’s facebook page to see some of the digital media that has been created. Do you think you could keep pace or take it the next step?

2. Contact

Contact the church office and indicate that you would like to volunteer for digital media team and that you would like to meet the powerpoint team leader. Put “Volunteer For Digital Media” in the subject line. Contact here …