Each Sunday morning at 9:00am the setup team arrives at Unity Christian School to setup the school to become a church facility. They unpack the storage bin, roll all the equipment into the gym, multipurpose room and nursery and set it up. The work they do and the cheerful attitude they all have is a wonderful gift to Heartland.

Heartland is looking for adults who like to make a difference, work behind the scenes and have some fun Sunday mornings.

Steps To Volunteering

We ask that our volunteers are members of Heartland Fellowship or in the process of becoming members.

1. Observe

Come early on Sunday morning and observe the setup process. 9:15am will be early enough. Help out and see if it is for you.

2. Contact

Contact the church office and indicate that you would like to volunteer for the Setup Team and that you would like to meet the Setup Team leader to discuss the next steps. Put “Volunteer For Setup Team” in the subject line. Contact here …