Each Sunday morning at 9:00am the sound team arrives to setup the Heartland sound system. Speakers, monitors, sound board, snake, microphones etc. They serve the music team, mixing, setting monitor volumes and creating a full sound for the worship service.

Do you have an ear for music and understand how to serve the music ministry through being a sound tech? Being part of the sound ministry team at Heartland is a service role and is for the gentle, humble but directive, responsible and musically inclined.

Heartland is looking for adults who like to make a difference and be part of the sound ministry.

Steps To Volunteering

We ask that our volunteers are members of Heartland Fellowship or in the process of becoming members.

1. Observe

Come early on Sunday morning and observe the sound setup process. 9:15am will be early enough. Help out and see if it is for you. Watch the sound tech setup the equipment, watch how he serves the musicians and learn how to treat the sound equipment with gentleness and care as he packs everything up at the end of the service.

2. Contact

Contact the church office and indicate that you would like to volunteer for the Sound Team and that you would like to meet the Sound Tech Team leader to discuss to discuss next steps. Put “Volunteer For Sound Tech Team” in the subject line. Contact here …