Heartland Fellowship exists to worship and trust God in all areas of our lives.

We belong to God. The direction of our lives is to yield all areas of our lives (personal, work, relationships etc.) to Him. We realize this is hard, because this means that he will refine and change us. We see throughout scriptures that God’s people went through difficult times and that God used those times to refine his people. We embrace this reality that he refines us as He works his redemption in us.

He is our God, he gave us life and we are his. Worship during Sunday gatherings is very important to us, but we understand that our whole lives are about worshiping God, not only the time we gather on Sundays. Our human nature pulls us towards seeing that this life is all about us. But we want to resist this urge and embrace the truth that our lives are about God and we want to live for Him here in Chilliwack, BC.