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About Us

Heartland is a community of people living in the Eastern part of the Fraser Valley finding ways to serve God and share the good news of Jesus Christ. Through fellowship, worship and intentional choices we hope to be like salt, yeast and light where we work, rest and play!


Our Vision: That the Eastern Hillsides be a healthy, vibrant community that actively and deliberately serves Christ.

Our Mission: To build community and participate in Christ’s vision for real living with the eastern part of the Fraser Valley.


Which pathways will we follow to complete our Mission?

We will grow in the knowledge and worship of God the Father, Son and Spirit.
We will be a caring and accepting gathering of God’s people.
We will respect good order while celebrating grace of all kinds.
We will move with the Spirit and join where the kingdom is breaking-in.

We will go into the world and live in it, like Jesus did.
We will be counter-cultural in a Christlike Way
Should ministries and activities be necessary, they will fit the gifts and passions of those called into them.
We will make room for people to explore new ways to be part of the mission of God.

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